Men's Outfit Guide to an Indian Wedding

Attending an Indian wedding is a unique and vibrant experience, filled with rich traditions, colorful ceremonies, and festive celebrations. As a guest, choosing the right attire is crucial to embrace the occasion's spirit. This post explores various clothing options for men attending an Indian wedding, ensuring they look their best while respecting cultural norms (see #5)

The Classic Kurta Pajama


A staple in Indian menswear, the Kurta Pajama is a versatile choice for wedding guests. It's comfortable yet stylish, ideal for long hours of celebration. For weddings, opt for Kurta Pajamas in bright colors or with subtle embroidery. Light fabrics like cotton or linen are perfect for daytime events, while silk or jacquard are suited for evening functions.

Fashion Tip: Pair your Kurta Pajama with a contrasting Nehru jacket for a more formal look.


The Elegant Nehru Jacket

The Nehru jacket adds a touch of formality and sophistication to your outfit. Pair it with a Kurta Pajama or even western wear for a fusion look. Choose vibrant colors like royal blue, maroon, or emerald green, but avoid black or white, as they are traditionally considered inauspicious for celebratory events.

The Regal Sherwani

For a more formal and traditional look, the Sherwani is the go-to choice. Often adorned with intricate embroidery and made from luxurious fabrics, a Sherwani exudes elegance and is perfect for important ceremonies or the wedding reception. Complete the look with a matching turban and mojari shoes for an authentic Indian style. The Sherwani is typically worn by immediate family or close friends.

Accessorizing Your Look

Accessories are key to elevating your Indian wedding attire. Turbans, especially for Sikh weddings, pocket squares, traditional scarves (dupattas), and embroidered mojari shoes can add a significant touch to your outfit. However, remember to keep it classy and not overdo it.

Color Etiquette at Indian Weddings

Colors play an important role in Indian weddings. Bright and vibrant colors like blue, gold, orange, and green are commonly worn. However, it's advisable to avoid black and white, as they may be considered inauspicious. Additionally, try to avoid dressing in red, as this color is often reserved for the bride and groom. Not all cultures and religions are as specific on what colors to avoid, so best to avoid when possible

Our Recommendations:

A kurta pajama with a Nehru type jacket perfectly blends the traditional indian culture with a touch of western fashion. Embrace the colors, the textures, and the grandeur of Indian fashion, and enjoy the celebration in style!


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